Friday, February 17, 2017

My thoughts and questions about atheism

This is just some thoughts I have about atheism. Now I'm not saying that it's bad be an atheist, I'm just talking about and questioning different things that are on the top of my head.

  • If you don't believe that a God is the source for morals then what is? Human intelligence? Ok so they're made up and good and evil don't really exist so anything can be good or evil. 
  • What value do us humans really have if it isn't supported by some evidence that we are in fact valuable? In the Christian religion, all creation has value and humans are God's most valued creation but if there is no being to enforce our value then what value do we have? Because we want to feel valued even though value is just made up in this seemingly atheist context? 
  • Why do we always graviate towards "good"? Because we're taught that way? Because it's some evolutionary trait that we somehow have preinstalled through our ancestors?
  • We try to understand the universe and it's many gears that keep it turning. Does that mean that it has a design to it? Did something create it like this?  It's not luck since luck doesn't really exist when you know all the factors that effects a situation like a coin flip or gambling. There's always a point in time whether it'd be minute or even half a second where the result is going to be 100% a certain outcome.
  • What gravitates people towards atheism? Is it because they've thought it was the most logical? Is it because they don't agree with religious beliefs? I've seen people believe it because they don't like having moral constraints, because they don't put a lot of thought into what religious people actually believe.
Yeah I know I'm probably not the first to ask these questions but I feel like I should get this out there to see if people will answer them. Thank you so much if you do. Maybe we'll even have a little talk in the comments about this.

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