Porn that turn people on and why (based on what I found)

Curiosity had me check to see every category of porn just to see what turned people on and why. I'll have a little description for each, but others are common knowledge. After checking many sites, this is what I found.

Real Category

  • Bondage - involves pain and fulfills masochistic and sadistic desires on a person.
  • Dancing - alluring movements mostly suggestive or sexual to seduce or excite people. Most normal people like this.
  • Hardcore/Sex (includes blowjobs and various sexual positions) - people being turned on by other people having sex. People appear to like watching this for the act itself or imagining themselves in the place of either person(s).
  • Gays/Lesbians - honestly, straight people seem to want to see this more than gay people themselves.
  • Feet - people liking feet and being pleasured by feet. Not sure as to why people like this. It just seems to be a preference from what I found. (on another note there is no fandom for hands. There might be one, but it's small if there is one)
  • Balloon popping - no real clue except maybe for the symbolism of girls popping balloons = cherries.
  • Pregnant - people being attracted to women who are pregnant. Most seem to like them just for the looks. There could be a few who like it because they like having sex with a woman and a child, but that's just a sick theory.
  • Older/Granny/Grandfathers - people interested in the elderly. Seems like people like this appear to be similar to people who like matures/milfs but with fewer people liking it with good reason.
  • Mature/Milf - people interested in older people. It appears it's just for the looks, parent issues, or being under or on top of someone who's supposedly wiser/ more experienced.
  • Teen - people in their 17 to early 20s. For people who are on the the edge of becoming a pedophile but aren't.
  • Kids - actual pedophiles. People who like this seem to have mental disorders that they were either born with or obtained through bad life experiences.
  • Scat/Piss - people who like this are extremely sadistic and/or masochistic. This involves a person(s) being degraded especially their nose, self worth, and body.
  • Flat/Big tits, Skinny/Average/BBW, Skin color - preferences
  • Shemales, Crossdressers - preference as far as I know
  • Certain clothing, cosplay, or outfits appeal to certain people like some will like stockings/thighhighs while other will like people in teacher or police outfits. Outfits are usually for role playing purposes and certain clothing is just preference.
  • Bestiality - sex with animals. People seem to like this to watch a person be fucked by an animal for sadistic purposes, others want to be on the receiving end for masochism, and the last reason is because they prefer animals over humans (disgusting I know).
  • Gore - just for sick people.
  • Eating - just people eating things sexually before sex. A fetish I guess?
  • Furries - people in animal mascot outfits. Liked by autistic type people.

Hentai Category (special to this one) (the above are also in hentai, but they are similar to the point of not mentioning it)

  • Lolicon - people seem to like this for the innocent look that associated with younger girls. This, however, doesn't seem to make the people who like this pedophiles as most make the distinction and have no interest in real little girls.
  • Vore - animals, monsters, people eating other people (most of the time) or other creatures. Similar to eating fetish(?) but sicker.
  • Giantanism - people who like giant people. Like some of the other categories, it involves sadism with some people and masochism with others.
  • Inflantism - people or creatures growing fatter/bigger. People with an obese fetish.
  • Shota - same as lolicon except little boys except boys and girls appear to like this. For boys, it's the masochistic feeling of being under a girl and the reverse for girls.
  • Tentacles - appears to be mostly the same as bondage except the tentacles can impregnate and have other "functions".
  • Birthing/Impregnation - the only thing that seems to be appealing with this to people is the consequence of rape/sex and not the actual act.
  • 2D people - preference and possibly liked by some people because of their bad experiences with real people.
  • 3D people - 3D usually animated people which look closer to real people. This shares qualities with 2D but seems to be an in between thing for real and hentai.
  • Non-human - people liking other sexualized beings like furries, aliens, robots, etc. Some will have human bodies, but animal faces while others will be completely non human. Not sure as to why people would like this so they might just be really weird and/or sick.

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