Society's Forsaken (two Society's Monsters short stories)

A boy is born into a normal family or a normal family for this world. A poor family that uses their child as a human tool and doesn’t treat him like a human being. This tool is to only extend the life of the elders and make the family look good at the cost of the child doing it, however, this boy wanted to help humanity by using sciences to advance technology to create jobs for the overpopulated and polluted earth. Unfortunately, the parents didn’t want him to become this and when the time came for him to go to college for his degree, his parents let him out on his own to forge his own path by himself without any help. The world he lives in doesn’t favor people on their own. He can’t find a job to help him pay for an apartment, food, or the entry fee for college so he can’t even get to the school he wanted.
He’s homeless, starving, and alone with nowhere to go and no one to care for him. Soon he will die underneath a bridge, covered in garbage and filth. This is a fate not meant for such a dreamer such as him, but alas, the people meant to help him forsake him because he did not want to follow their ways. As the boy’s life slowly fades away with each passing day, insects, mice, and other vermin crawl over him and make him sick. He’s dying faster and though these creatures are disgusting to most, he appreciates them for giving him a quicker death. He even coddles with them and feeds them the trash they feast on to give them a show of appreciation and the creatures return the same as both man and vermin are the same here. Even after the boy passes away, the vermin cover his body, eat, and bury it for at least he had some use to someone or rather somethings. In a world that God created, in one that, again, the people meant to help others forsake them instead, in a world only meant to produce good, dreamers and angel-like men and women die in the filth and garbage. The only gift that God could get through to this one boy was a faster death. Such is the reality of the selfishness of weak men and wickedness of evil.
Another story sees a young girl in a nice family. A dim light in the dark of this world. Her parents work in the community to provide food and clothing to it and the girl goes to school. She does her best in school and is one of the best students in it. Some of her fellow classmates, overcome with jealousy, bully her and ruin some of her work. Though she feels hate for them, she doesn’t stoop to their level and ignores them when she has to and reports them when she can. She gets them and several other spoiled children on watch and is congratulated on her contribution to the school’s reputation. During this day, she is also given many rewards by her parents and the school itself. A victory in the face of many defeats indeed. This is also a victory for the parents as pride in producing a wonderful daughter is the only reward they truly wanted. For a second reward, they give the daughter cake and beautiful clothes at their house. After eating, she joyfully goes upstairs to try them all on. On this joyous day, the front door is kicked in by two children of similar age to the girl and horrible things are done to them while a boy of the same age climbs into the girl’s room via the window. He wears black and red and carries a military issued pistol and combat knife.
“Why are you here?” she asks him.
He responds with silence and blocks the door and window out of the room. She can see the resentment in his eyes and feels the intensity of his emotions as he takes out his knife.
“Why do you get to have a nice family? Why are you such a perfect person?” he asks while pointing the knife at her.
“I’m blessed by God.”
“Fuck Him and everything He’s done! He put me on this forsaken earth and I’m going to make Him pay! Starting with people like you.”
The boy cuts up all the clothes she got, all the clothes she currently has, and wrecks her room along with smiling pictures of her and her family. She’s shocked by what he’s doing but doesn’t stop him.
He notices this, grabs her face, and says, “Why aren’t you fighting back?”
He throws her against the wall.
“Fight back!”
“I can see that you’re angry. You’re one of those kids that grew up with terrible parents, aren’t you? I know a lot of people like you. They go to my school. They’re most of what our generation are right?”
“That’s right. So why don’t you do something about it? You can make a difference like me.”
“You aren’t doing things the right way, but you can.”
“Ok, I’ll humor you.”
He walks to her and kneels.
“Tell me.”
She holds his hand and looks into his eyes.
“Stop this. Learn to love again and forgive others.”
“Can you forgive me for what I’ve done? Can you forgive my friends downstairs who are killing your beloved parents?”
She swallows the hate and sorrow she feels.
“Yes. Yes, I will. I forgive you and your friends. I can help you become better people.”
The girl hugs the boy and he feels compassion that is a feeling so foreign to him. A feeling that he’s been longing for and a feeling that he thought he could only get from his friends that are like him and his demonic father figure.
“Michael! Are you done upstairs with that bitch?” a feminine voice calls from downstairs.
The girl lets go of him but goes back to holding his hand. He touches her face and wipes away her tears that have been flowing. His hands tremble at his decision so he takes his knife and shoves in it her mouth then stabs her in the chest, killing her.
He gets up, unblocks the door, and before leaving to rejoin his friends, he says to the girl’s corpse, “You don’t deserve to live in a world like this. You shouldn’t redeem someone like me…I’m not worth it.”

The boy goes back downstairs while reminding himself in his mind that, “I’m doing evil to those who are evil, don’t forget that”. The three children then burn down the family’s house. Yet another dim light in the darkness is snuffed out.

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