Sample of: PSYCHO Psycho Chapters 1, 2, 3

Chapter 1 - A Relaxing Vacation

My name is Gabby and I used to be a sociopath. I wasn’t born this way, but was instead, molded into it by all the bullshit of this world and its people. All the stress, suffering and pain got to me and gave me this anger that I can’t get rid of. But it’s not all bad, my family and true friends got me through it all with their comforting words of encouragement and help that made me realize that there are good, intelligent people in this world.
I decided to take a vacation by myself to the forests far from town to try to clear my head a bit and this turned out to be the best vacation ever. It all started with some stupid guy jumping out in the middle of the road causing me to freak out and crash my NEW CAR into a tree and wreck it. Fucking asshole, I should’ve hit him. It would’ve cost me less too. I stumbled out of the car and found myself surrounded by masked freaks with knives, chainsaws and your average horror movie villain weapons. These were obviously men and women who trap ordinary people in this forest to kill them or worse. Luckily enough, I wasn’t your average, everyday person and carried a meat clever in my car, a memento from my days as a butcher, of the not insane variety. Seeing as there was so many so them, I ran away and decided to hide in a mess of bushes to plan my attack since they probably weren’t going to let me leave alive. I’ve done my fair share of hunting before, but this, hahaha, this was going to be special.

Chapter 2 - The Game Begins

The psychos spilt up into teams of three and appeared to be very organized. They seem to have done this before probably to other people. You’d think this would worry me, but all it did was piss me the fuck off. All those people who were just passing through here, disappeared or even died because of these sick bastards. Sure, it was all just a possibility, but to me it was the truth. I tailed one of the groups until they stopped to look around a specific spot. Ok, let’s do this one at a time, I thought to myself as I threw a rock at a tree to try to distract them. They investigated the noise together and stayed closer next to each other as they heightened their guard. Damn, they really are experienced. I decided to make a tactical retreat and give myself some tools to help me, so I broke off some branches and sharpen them with my clever. The noise attracted the attention of the group I was stalking. It was a good thing because I was ready for some action. I started by throwing one of my forest made spears into one of their legs. Once they were distracted by my attack, I disarmed another with my clever by literally “dis-arming” them of their arm and throwing my last spear at the last person’s arm, pinning it to the tree. All of them were screaming in pain which got the attention of their friends, so I ran to another area with enough places for me to hide in and waited for them to come to me.
There was only three of them chasing me for some reason, the others must be helping their friends. Hmm, it seems that psychos do care about each other. Good thing too, since it makes it easier for me. The group was more spread out this time, but they were still in yelling distance so I had to be a little less aggressive. I started with the one closest to me by putting him in a choke hold and knocked him out then dragged his body behind the bushes. The next person heard the sound of my footsteps and the body being dragged and slowly made their way towards me. These were obviously experienced hunters since he heard the sound from pretty far away, but I was far better, as I had already climbed a nearby tree and was ready to attack. I jumped on the unsuspecting son of a bitch and knocked him out and hid his body with his friend’s. This of course got the attention of his last friend who ran over in a hurry who was on high alert. Since no one else was around, I was going to make this one…special. I surprised him from being by quickly removing his mask and digging my finger into eyes. My anger had gotten the better of me, but it didn’t matter to me at the time because hearing the screams of a psycho was music to my ears. I threw him to the ground and beat him down with my hands until I finally felt like asking questions.
“Who are you people?” I said while holding him up against a tree.
He spat blood at me and said, “You are already dead.”
I head-butted the motherfucker knocking him out. He didn’t know who he was dealing with. I’m a hunter! I’m smarter than them! Saner, a clearer mind and deadly predator aaaannnnddd then I got knocked out by someone behind me…..fuck.

Chapter 3 – Dead and Disgraced

I woke up in some sort of cave with my hands chained to the rocky surfaces, but since it was weak, I pulled the chains out of the rock without that much effort. The cell I was in, was fairly empty with the only notable things were a door and what look to be dried and fresh blood stains on the walls and floors. I opened the door and start to explore the claustrophobic cave. Prison rooms line most of walls with mutilated dead bodies in them. There were so many people in them with varying age and race with cuts and slashes all over their naked bodies. I recognized one of the bodies as one that belonged to a missing four-year-old girl. Her body was like the rest; naked, mutilated, and disgraced. In fact, most of the bodies look like they’ve been disgraced or raped in some way or form. But what finally made me lose it, was the sight of a cut up dog laying down on the lap of a young boy who was still alive somehow. He was cut up like the rest and was silently sobbing as he was just barely clinging to life. I tried to force fully open the door, but it didn’t even budge. The child looked up at me and we locked eyes for what seemed like hours as my eyes were filling up with tears. He couldn’t hold on anymore and finally rested his head and died.
His sadness and pain was felt in my eyes, which turned into a fiery, burning rage. I ran through the cave and followed the fresh blood trail that lead from the boy’s cell to the son of a bitch’s location. There you are you fucking piece of shit! I whispered to myself as I saw the man standing near his friends that I injured and who were being cooked alive. He only wore a butcher’s apron, a blank white mask and nothing else. The psycho was cooking his friends in a cauldron who were screaming out in bloodcurdling pain until they died. He chopped off their flesh with MY clever and started to eat them. I don’t know why I’m surprised that they don’t care about each other. It just gives me a reason to hurt them more, so I took back my clever from his blood soaked hands and cut his balls off, as if he had any to being with. I then cut off his feet and locked him in a small cell and threw the key somewhere.
“What do you got to say now you fucking sicko?!” I said to him.
He could only mutter to himself and sit there and bleed. Did he have some sort of condition? You’d have to be to do shit like this. I left him there as I entered the next area of the cave, but don’t worry about the psycho, he won’t die any time soon. I made sure of it before I left, by burning his wounds and loosely wrapping his wounds. Now…for the first time in my life I was horrified to see what was coming next, but somehow excited to make these psychos pay for what they did.

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