Sample of: Choice and Consequence of Losing Yourself (Prologue + Chapter 1,2)

Prologue-Two Opposites brought Together
            Do you know who you are? I bet you think you do, but Sabrina, a blond prostitute who is in her late twenties, doesn’t. She doesn’t remember her parents, birthplace, childhood, nothing at all. All she knows is that she woke up one day in a Grimm Reaper gang hideout and was forced into prostitution or else she would be left homeless, forcing her to do what she was told without question.
Tyler, on the other hand, is someone completely different. He wishes he forgot his past because it tortures him every day. He didn’t have a father growing up, so all he had was his mother and the two of them were the best of friends. Tyler, at a very young age, would go out and work for money to help his mom and he would even clean the house including the clothes and take care of the yard. Whenever, his mother was sick, he would skip school and spend the entire day taking care of her. On one day, everything changed for Tyler, as two cops had broken into their house believing his mother was a wanted, dangerous criminal. She looked like the person they were looking for so they tried to arrest her, but when they misinterpreted her actions as one of aggression, they shot and killed her in supposed self-defense. Tyler was devastated and at that moment he vowed blood vengeance on both cops. He then founded The Grimm Reapers in order to fight against cops like these and when he found the cops that he was looking for, after years of searching for them, he killed them and their spouses in front of their children and left the child by themselves with their dead parents. The gang gained popularity because of their deeds and even though the gang was founded on an overall good goal, they later expanded their business with prostitution and drugs. Later, in the years, they would be getting more and more member who would join the gang because their parents were killed by cops who were taking vengeance on their Grimm Reaper supporting parents. This is the event that made Tyler realize that he had just started a cycle of orphaned children, killing the murders of their parents and leaving more orphaned children with the same idea of revenge. He attempted to cut out his gang’s killings and other illegal practices to the best of his ability, but there will always be someone who disagrees with you. He then went back to his mother’s grave, dug it up, and took her skull to wear on his head as sign of shame and to punish himself for what he has done.
These two people are being brought together to establish their gang’s influence in the town of Hillside City, a crazy place without any gangs in them because of their strong and brutal police force. Sabrina and Tyler won’t be ready for what’s going to happen.
They don’t even know each other too well, but then again…who really does know one another, let alone themselves?

Chapter 1-Setting the Scene
            The two get of the car and unpack the gang’s supplies with other gang members at an abandoned hotel that is located in a low class part of town.
Once they settle down, Tyler gathers the small group together and says to them, “Welcome to Hillside City boys and girls. It’s one of them most infamous cities in the world that’s’ full of dangerous and crazy people. So let’s take a walk around the city, get a feel of it, but don’t cause any trouble…yet. I don’t want to lose any of you and draw attention to us this early, especially with the four women killing squad out there. One last thing I’d like to mention is that…Sabrina.”
“Yes?” she says
“You’re with me until I say you can leave. That includes sleeping in my room so get your stuff up there after we come back from our little walk.”
Tyler then walks away to talk to some of the gang members.
A female prostitute named Bailey whispers to Sabrina, “Oh, you’re lucky.”
Jay, a male gang member, walks over to Sabrina, and says, “Tyler doesn’t invite many girls to be with him. You should be very thankful for his decision, since he pays you more than us.”
Sabrina is indeed thankful and lucky at the same time. Not only does she get paid more so she can buy expensive things, but she can also finally get some answers as to who she is. Her previous attempts at finding her past have ended in her being beaten and abused so hopefully this doesn’t end the same way. She can seduce Tyler, get into his mind and feelings and get him to tell her, her whole back story. So once she starts to bring her stuff upstairs and have Tyler in the room alone with her, she starts to work her magic on him.
“So, Tyler you want to have some alone time until we go out? You know…get to know me better inside and out?” she seductively says while being really close to him.
“Do you really want to do this?” Tyler asks.
Confused by what he said, Sabrina asks, “What do you mean?”
“I know that you don’t really know who you are and that you were forced into prostitution. That’s why I’m asking.”
Relieved to hear that he already knows her situation, and thinking about it now how could he not, she says, “Oh God no! No offense to you, of course.”
“None taken. I know there were gang members and prostitutes who joined against their will and I just needed another person to confirm it to fully convince me.”
“Does that mean that you know who I was before I was brought here?”
“Unfortunately…no. You’re the only case that I know of that doesn’t have any idea of your past or who you are.”
Sabrina’s excitement severely dies down and Tyler puts his hand on her shoulder to try to comfort her.
He then says, “Don’t worry. I’m sure we can find out. What most people don’t know is that we have a few safe houses here that has some lost files and information pertaining to our gang. Maybe we can find something in one of them that has something about you.”
“Ok,” she quietly says.
“Hey, do you still want to stick with me or would you rather be by yourself?”
Given her options, she tells him that she’ll stay with him.
“I think that will be better too. Even I don’t know too much about the crazies in our gang, something I should really be working on.”
For Sabrina’s comfort, Tyler has given her, her own bed so she doesn’t feel forced to sleep with him. Afterwards, the gang, Tyler and Sabrina then finally get ready to go out and see what the town has in store for them.

Chapter 2-Just like the Darkness
Tyler and Sabrina stick together while the rest of the gang is spread out throughout the rest of the city. The two walk through the more middle class part of the city as they search for one of the gang’s abandoned safe houses.
“What will you do once you find out who you are?” says Tyler.
“I don’t know. It all depends on who I turn out to be.” Sabrina says.
“What if you don’t like who you are? What will you do?”
“I don’t know, can you stop asking these obvious questions that I’m already thinking of?”
“Hey!” he pushes her up against the wall, “Just because I’m helping you find out who you are, doesn’t mean that you can disrespect me! Remember that you’re still part of MY gang, even if its temporary, and I’m still the boss around here.”
Sabrina turns her head while still looking him dead in the eyes and says, “I’m sorry.”
Silence fills the air as both of them stare at each other for a few seconds.
Tyler calms down and says, “It’s ok. I’m sorry too, I shouldn’t have snapped so easily.”
“It’s fine,” Sabrina says as she pushes herself off him, “How far are we from the safe houses?”
“Not too far from here,” Tyler says as he leads the way, “Come on, it’s this way.”
They find their way to a big abandoned office building and begin to search it for information. One of them searches the very top third floor while the other searches the floor below them.
“Jeez, there’s nothing here, but extra files,” Tyler says as he looks through them, “Might as well take them with me just in case the police find them.”
He looks out a nearby window and thinks to himself, Wow this city looks like shit. How does a city with such low criminal activity stay this bad?
Tyler then starts to hear loud banging noises coming from upstairs.
“Sabrina?” he yells, “You ok up there?”
He then hears her screaming.
He runs towards the stairs, but is then stopped by a set of claws that stab through the ceiling that almost impales him.
Tyler tries running away from them, but the claws encircle him. Tyler then grabs a nearby desk and uses it as a shield to protect himself from the unrelenting attacks.
“Sabrina! Can you see what’s trying to kill me?”
“No! I can’t see shit!”
A claw then goes through the desk Tyler has, trapping him in place.
“I’m pinned down here! You have to try to find out where the claws are coming from cause I can’t hold out for long!”
“Ok, I’ll try!”
She grabs a nearby rusty pipe and walks through the darkness. Claws then jut out of nowhere and cut Sabrina’s side. She turns around in reaction to it and doesn’t see the source of the attack. She walks into the direction where she thinks the attack came from and then gets cut from behind.
This is fucking bullshit, she thinks to herself as she stands her ground and waits for the next attack. She hears the sound of something moving the air and turns around just in time to hit the oncoming claws.
Gotcha ya, Sabrina thinks as she moves forward following the retreating claws as she smacks away the attacks with her pipe. She then sees some kind of monster in the darkness and rushes toward it while dodging its attacks and uppercuts it with the pipe so hard that it breaks it the weapon. The creature is flipped on its side, but then quickly recovers as it screams and retreats into the darkness, finally giving the two a break. They meet up and notice that the place that were stabbed and clawed at by the monster has no marks on them at all now.
“Are we going crazy?” says Tyler.
“I don’t know,” says Sabrina, “But it sure does look like it. Did you find anything? Cause I didn’t.”
“Yeah, but not the ones we’re looking for. All I have is a list of people that would always see and work with each other. I could probably use it when we finally find the crazy ones in our gang so I can find who they work with.”
Feeling disappointed, Sabrina says, “Well I guess that’s good.”
“Hey,” he puts his hand on her shoulder, “We’ll find out who you were before and make those who did this to you pay for what they did. I promise.”

She smiles a little and thanks him. They then go back to the hotel and rest for the next day.

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