Defiled Femininity

Gilda and her squad are deployed to assault a heavily defended facility in an enemy controlled town. They are to destroy the enemies there and extract intel that exists within the digital libraries there. Gilda manages to do this after a long and fierce battle with everyone on both sides dead except for her. She manages to send out the enemy’s intel to her main base via one of the computers and calls for extraction, however, the communication dishes are destroyed. The enemy destroys them before she can get the extraction call out and captures her in her injured state. They torture her to give up information, but she doesn’t budge and stays loyal to her people. Without any other use for her, they turn her into their personal sex slave to birth their children and as a sex doll for both their men and women soldiers. Gilda tries to fight back so they cut off both of her arms and chain her legs and collar her neck. She is used as the lowest form of a woman for months, which turns into two years. On one night where most guards are out relaxing in town as the war is at a stalemate and both sides collect themselves, a guard decides to have sex with Gilda for fun. This is roughly his twentieth time with her but this time, he unlocks her collar to get pleasure out of the feeling of choking her with his own hands. Unfortunately for him, Gilda has prepared for a day like this and tears his throat out with her teeth then stomps on his what’s left of his neck to finish him off.
            The light of freedom is in sight now. All Gilda has to do is take the mile-long run to get to it. She can’t unshackle her legs so her movement is limited though she can move more than she has in the past years. Though most of the guards are out, there are still a good number of them left where Gilda is at. She stays cautious as she walks silently through the prison-like building. The exit to the building is three floors below her and even if she can escape, the nearest friendly base is a little more than eight miles out, however, this is better than her current situation. Before she can even descend a floor, there are two guards that are casually checking the rest of the cells while drinking. They see Gilda from a distance and aren’t fully aware of the fact that she’s out of her cell and she sees this. She then takes this opportunity to get into a room closer to them, which she opens with her feet. Now somewhat curious, the two drunk guards walk into the room she went into and the room is a place where they keep the dead bodies of other sex slaves. Gilda plays dead here, which gives the impression to the guards that they’re just too drunk and they joke about seeing ghosts. They exit the room and keep going the way they were going. This gives Gilda a clear way to the next floor. Unfortunately, the designers of the building made each floor only go up and down one floor. This design was paid for by Gilda’s enemies to make it difficult for others to navigate the building and to make escape complicated.
            On the next floor where they construct weapons, Gilda encounters a single guard who is asleep. This is good for her, but not for long as the door leading to the lower floor is locked and he is holding the key. She carefully uses her feet to get the key from his waist and she manages to get it without waking him. Two more floors remain as Gilda uses the key to goes down the next flight of stairs. Many trapped women are alive and conscious here on this next floor. They call out for Gilda to help them. Their arms are cut off just like Gilda, but some of them have it worse. Some are missing their legs, some have their mouths chained open, some are chained or impaled to the walls, and others are missing their eyes. All of this ruckus gets the attention of the floor guard who goes to quiet them down. Gilda hides in one of the dark corners of the room until the guard quiets down the women, she even kills a few to do so. Feeling sympathy for them, Gilda whispers to some of the captive women in their native language that she’s going to get help after she escapes. The girls whisper back words of good luck and to get back as fast as she can. The female guard is distracted by the TV show she’s watching so there’s no trouble getting past her to proceed to the final floor.
            Escape is in arm’s reach…metaphorically speaking for Gilda. A guard sitting by the door is the only thing standing between her and the outside world so she has to confront him directly. It looks like this guard has been drinking his fair share so there’s a chance he won’t call for help when he sees her. Gilda thinks of a strategy and approaches the guard with her seductive movements and words. He lowers his guard enough for her to sit on his lap then she rips out his throat with her teeth. She finishes him like the first guard by stomping on his throat. Gilda quickly runs out the exit and into the nowhere that is the area surrounding the building.
            Gilda sprints several miles in the hot foreign country land until she sees an enemy vehicle in the distance. There’s no going back, nowhere to hide, nothing left to lose so she charges it like a bloodthirsty bull. The vehicle stops and she sees several people including a special friend dressed up as enemy soldiers. Both are shocked at the sight of each other, but then both run into each other with smiles, tears, and affection.
            “I swore you were dead Gilda!”
            “I wouldn’t die that easily Nikolai. You know it’ll take more than that to kill me.”
            He wipes the tears off his face and hers.
            “Why are you guys dressed like enemy soldiers and the vehicle?”
            “We were going to assault an enemy facility somewhere around here. I assume that’s where you escaped from. So then that means…”
            Nikolai finally snaps to his senses and looks at Gilda’s naked and armless body which tells him that his intel about the place is correct and the fact that a fellow solider and close friend has been defiled in such a way burns a hatred in him so fierce it rivals the sun.
            “We’ll make them pay. We’ll make them all pay! Let’s get Gilda back to base then blow these fuckers up!”
            “Wait, there are innocent women there too!”
            “You know how accurate I am when I’m focused. I’ll be sure to save them.”
            Nikolai and his team bring Gilda to the medical center at their base before doing what he said. His team and he assault the building, killing their enemies, and rescue the many women kept there as sex slaves. The building serves as a monument to the worst acts done to women as it turned them into less than human creatures and as a reason for the war to continue. Gilda enrolls into a military program that gives her bulletproof prosthetic arms controlled by thought. This program is for disabled soldiers who still have the will and strength to fight for their country.
It takes her a year and few months to get back into action after what she’s been through. Her comeback mission is one that both Nikolai and she have wanted to take for the longest time. This one concerns her and a team taking over a city where the main people who forced her to become a sex slave and reproduction animal. There are many enemy leaders here in this city so this may be the final blow to them. Helicopters provide cover for the ground troops, there are soldiers on the outside of the city who make sure that the city doesn’t get support and the enemy can escape. Nikolai and Gilda are part of a small juggernaut unit that roam the streets, wiping out enemy positions with light machine guns and grenade launchers. They’re human tanks that lead the charge to eliminate everything that is a threat to them. Gilda is especially deadly with her aforementioned bulletproof prosthetic arms and lust for revenge. The enemy see her bashing in skulls and breaking bodies with her bare hands which make her seem like a killing machine however they never get the chance to report this to their main headquarters as Gilda usually finds them. Gilda’s side suffer few casualties as they continue to the enemy’s headquarters in the middle of the city. Snipers clear upper floors from buildings close by while Gilda, Nikolai, and the rest of the infantry go from the bottom.
“So the main boss is going to be at the top?” Nikolai asks.
“Well they wouldn’t be here at the bottom, that’d be too easy,” responds Gilda.
“Good. Easy is boring anyways.”
“True that.”
The two charge forward, eliminating all hostiles in front of them while everyone else cover their blind spots. They make it to the top two floors where child soldiers are brought into the mix. Some of Gilda’s fellow soldiers are hesitant to shoot them and defend themselves, but Gilda is bizarrely ok with shooting these children with her light machine gun that tears their bodies apart. She leads everyone forward to the room where she is shot up by the room of enemy leaders. The juggernaut armor thankfully takes all the damage so Gilda takes out her grenade launcher and uses the last two shots to clear out the room. As her fellow soldiers check the bodies to see if any are still alive, she takes off her armor as it is badly damaged and the battle is over. Suddenly, a single leader crawls out of the wreckage Gilda has done with his pistol drawn. He sees Gilda’s face and drops the gun in amazement.
“I remember you,” she says.
He holds out his hand with a smile as if she’d help him, but she instead throws him out into the room, rips out his jaw, and breaks open his throat with her hands. It turns out in the end that the man was one of the many fathers of Gilda’s bastard children and the children themselves were the ones that Gilda killed along with the fathers and children of other sex slaves. Gilda doesn’t care about this intel and just wants to put the two years she spent as less than a woman behind her.
A woman is the other half that a man needs and vice versa. Women should not be treated as less or more of their gender counterpart and neither should not take the place of the other as it would nullify the unique and natural qualities of the two genders if any person can be either by choice. And in this story where human beings are treated as stress relievers and breeding cattle, true human value is disgraced by others who have disgraced their own value and damned them to their fate.

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