Sample of: Cursed Tales of Fright (Tale 1)

Tale 1-The Boogieman

            In the darkest and foggiest part of the biggest forests, there exists a portal that leads to a realm where the Boogieman resides. Once you enter, he will hunt you down, kill you, and hang you in his meat factory with your soul still inhabiting your broken, rotting corpse. The only way to escape is to go to his meat factory and find the elevator in the back and go up. Four young adults are searching for this urban legend and tonight, is the night that they find it.
The group consists of two boys named Irving and Ryan and two girls named Lily and Amy who are well prepared for what lays ahead of them. They have knowledge of religious rituals and spells and regular weapons to defend them from the Boogieman and whatever else roams its realm.
“So this is it,” says Ryan.
“Yeah, this looks like it,” says Amy who walks ahead of the group.
“What? Do you want to leave already?” Ryan says while following her.
“Yes, I just want to leave and get this done.”
“I don’t blame you.”
The group walks through the realm while being careful of their surroundings. In the distance, Irving sees what looks to be a woman with blond hair white skin and dress.
“Hey!” he says before Lily hits him on his shoulder to silence him then she says, “Look again.”
Irving squints his eyes and notices that the girl is a ghost with no legs and is levitating. He also notices that the girl has bloodstains on her dress and scars on her arms and face.
“Thanks for stopping me,” said Irving.
“No problem,” says Lily.
As the group gets closer to the meat factory, they check their supplies.
“You remember all of the rituals, right?” says Ryan.
“Yep. I’m totally an expert at all of them and can do them with my eyes closed,” says Amy.
“You guys sure we need that “magical stuff” for this?” Irving says, “I mean look at our arsenal: pistols, sawed off shotguns, knives and axes.”
“We’re dealing with supernatural forces here, so of course we’re going to need “that magical stuff”,” says Lily.
“Fine,” Irving takes out the sawed-off shotgun, “But this is mine!”
“Ok guys look alive. We’re here,” says Ryan as the rest of them take out their weapons and enter the meat factory.
They cautiously walk further into the dark and rancid factory while also paying attention to each other. The factory’s entrance door slams shut and the electricity comes on, bringing the place to life and awakening those misfortunate enough to have died here. The Boogieman appears from behind the rows of hanging bodies and steps in front of the door leading to the next part of the factory and stares at the group who are ready for a fight. A man then appears out of a cloud smoke and stands next to the Boogieman. The man is wearing a red suit and pants with black shoes and tie. He also has curly black hair and black goatee with no mustache.
The man steps forward and says, “You’ve finally made it here after your long journey to find it. I’ll tell you what. How about we make this event special? You have two rounds to get to the elevator in the back of this factory, which will come down in three minutes after you call it. The only way to lose is to be killed, but don’t worry, I’ll bring you back to life next round. However, lose both rounds and the Boogieman will be allowed to find the means to make you eternally suffer. Deal? Of course it’s a deal. You accepted it when you came here. Let the game begin.”

Round 1
The man fades back into the cloud of smoke and the Boogieman takes his weapon, which appears from the floor and readies himself to kill all four of them. The group splits in two and moves along the walls to split the Boogieman’s attention as they make their way to the first door. Unluckily enough, Irving and Lily are the focus of his attention. He tries to cut them off, but they immediately turn and run through the stacks of hanging bodies. Though all of the corpses are alive, there are special ones that grab people and make them suffer based on what sins the person has done. Back on the other side of the room, Amy gets grabbed by one of these things and gets put, kicking and screaming, into a small box of spikes under the floor that closes when she is forced in.
“Lily!” Ryan says as he runs towards Lily who is opening the next door. “Lily! Do we have anything to get Amy out of her trap?!”
“No, we didn’t prepare for these kinds of monsters,” said Lily.
“So…. Amy is going to die?” Irving says as the next door opens and the group goes into the next room, “You bastard!” he says as he takes his shotgun and shoots the Boogieman who finds them.
The bullets only slightly slow him down as he pulls back to swing his hammer. Ryan pulls Irving back as Lily closes the steel door, which the Boogieman almost breaks with one swing.
“This motherfucker is tough!” Irving in shocked and fear.
“I know, but we have to move!” Ryan says as the group splits up again and moves through the next room.
The current room has two floors with the ground floor the same with more active corpses and the top floor that as no corpses and instead has a maze of pipes that shoot out incredibly hot heat. Ryan takes the top floor while Irving and Lily stay on the bottom. The Boogieman breaks down the door and goes after Ryan. The group gets through this room with relative ease as they are more careful now than before as Lily and Irving go through the next door and Ryan goes through a vent, which leads to the final room.
“There it is!” Lily says as she runs through the middle to get to the elevator, but is quickly caught by a corpse and put into its body.
“Lily!” Irving screams out as he tries to open the corpse, but can’t manage to.
It spits her out, but now her body parts are mixed up with her leg where her head should be and her arm where her head where her arm should be and so on.
“Oh shit!” Irving says as he quickly does a spell ritual and returns her body to normal, “Are you okay?!”
“Y-” she says before collapsing with her skin falling apart.
“What the hell?!” Irving says as he looks over Lily’s corpse and notices that on top of moving body parts, the corpse also moved her internal organs around in less than beneficial positions in her body.
“Don’t worry Lily, I’ll win for us,” Irving says as he moves towards the elevator via the sides.
On the top floor, the Boogieman is still following Ryan while not being bothered by the hot steam coming from the pipes. This does however; bother Ryan who gets hit with the steam as he recklessly moves through the maze. The heat melts his face causing him immense pain and to fall to the floor still barely alive. The Boogieman then ends his pain by smashing his face in with his hammer then moves to his next victim. Irving gets to the elevator and presses the elevator button, but then the Boogieman crushes Irving’s hand, which was still pressing the button. The button is still intact without a scratch somehow, but the same cannot be said for Irving’s hand as he falls to his knees in pain. The Boogieman then takes Irving by the neck and drags him to a corpse that burns him alive and eats his charred corpse.

Round 2
The group is revived and placed at the entrance as if nothing happened except they don’t have their weapons.
Amy collapses in tears and says, “I can’t do this! I can’t do this anymore!”
Ryan put his hand on her shoulder and says, “Come on, we have to do this, we have to survive. Come on,” he helps her up, “I’ll protect you.”
Amy finally snaps out of it and round two begins and this time, the group makes it through the two rooms without any problems and press the elevator button. A timer starts above the elevator starting at three minutes as it ticks down, the Boogieman busts into the room, which opens several secret rooms. The group decides that it will be best to play a little hide and seek with the Boogieman so they won’t have to keep running around and hide in various rooms. The Boogieman slowly walks around the room looking through the rooms and then something catches his eyes so he runs toward it putting the entire group on edge. He passes by Ryan’s hiding spot, which gets him to jump in fear. The Boogieman notices this, but still goes for whatever he sees. It turns out that he finds himself a scythe with a long, sharp curved blade. He walks towards where he heard Ryan and uses his new weapons to reach into the corner of the room from outside of it and to stab Ryan in the chest and pulls him out of the room. The three remaining survivors watch in horror as the Boogieman drags Ryan, who is still alive, to a corpse that grabs him and impales him on a spike that goes through his ass and out his mouth. Ryan’s death adds another ten seconds and another layer of fear to the remaining survivors.
They reach the minute mark despite their fears and Irving and Amy decide to change spots while Lily goes back to the previous room to get a weapon. Thirty seconds are left on the clock now, which cause the Boogieman to become impatient and search the rooms more quickly. Irving and Amy try to keep ahead of him in response, but this turns out to be a mistake as the Boogieman hears their movements and finds them just time for the elevator to arrive. The group runs towards the elevator with Irving and Amy being the first one to make it, but Lily gets caught by the Boogieman’s scythe with its blade stabbing the side of her head, killing her. Ten seconds get added to the clock, which makes the elevator stay where it is. Amy takes the heavy axe that Lily drops when she dies and gets out of the elevator.
“Amy, what are you doing?!” says Irving.
“I’m going to buy you time!” Amy says as she attacks the Boogieman.
The elevator starts up again and rises up with only Irving on it. Amy manages to get a few good hits at the Boogieman, but he ultimately triumphs by slicing her head off, making the elevator go down for another ten seconds. Irving backs further into the elevator as the Boogieman walks towards him, but stops after a few steps and stares at him for a few seconds then points at him and laughs. The elevator starts up, yet again, and starts to go back up.
Irving sits down from the exhaustion, laughs and says, “I made it. Haha.”
The man from earlier appears in the elevator and says, “No you didn’t.”
“When I said “you”, I meant all of you needed to make it. Now without further ado, let’s start round three.”
He snaps his fingers and teleports everyone to the next round.

Round 3
On this round, the Boogieman is put outside of the factory and the group is left inside behind its locked doors. The man in the red suit appears in front of them and says,
“This is round three and the rules have changed. The Boogieman is out there looking for the tools of your punishment. The only way to stop him is to find the keys to the door hidden in these corpses, but don’t worry, I’ve left you a riddle so you know exactly where to look. You also shouldn’t worry about dying, as you will come back to life as long as the round is still going, but it does take a toll on your mind and add time to the timer. Once you open the door, you have to keep the Boogieman away from this factory because once he steps foot in here, it’s game over. Let the game begin.”
The group frantically looks for the keys, while the Boogieman looks for what he needs to destroy them. He wanders the forest until he finds an abandoned cabin with a pistol in it that has a heart carved on its grip. Past memories start to fill the Boogieman’s mind, but some of the pieces are missing. He goes further into the forest and comes across the dead woman from the beginning. She sees him and charges towards him and to his surprise, she doesn’t hurt him and instead hugs him with a big smile on her face and tears of joy. She holds both of his hands, but doesn’t say anything. More memories come pouring into his mind and yet, he is still missing something. The woman holds his hand as they walk through the forest and the two eventually find a campsite with a hunting rifle on the ground. The Boogieman picks up the rifle, which makes of his memories come back.
His real name is Bruce and he was a hunter who was married to a woman named Caitlin. The couple hunted for sport without killing their prey by using tranquilizers. They competed in various hunting competitions that used these tranquilizers so they didn’t need to worry about endangering the animals they hunted. On one hunting trip, the couple stumbled upon the portal that lead them to the secret dimension in the forest they are currently in. They found the group of Lily, Irving, Amy, and Ryan who violently killed the couple and cursed Bruce to become the Boogieman while his wife endlessly wandered the forest looking for her husband. The group also did other wicked things with their magic that they obtained from the devil himself who they made a deal with. The devil let them have a small piece of his power, but they would have to come back to this dimension in a year to face a challenge to see if they deserved to keep the magic, but if they fail, their souls will eternally be his and today is the day that they are tested.
Bruce and Caitlin know what to do now as Bruce takes his pistol and Caitlin takes her rifle and they head back to the factory to make the people who had caused so much suffering to suffer eternally. They make it back to the factory just in time as the group opens the door, whom have died at least two times in order to get the keys and it shows on their faces. With weapons in hand, they charge towards Bruce, not realizing the guns the couple have in their hands. Caitlin picks them off with her rifle, which has real bullets in it now, while Bruce shoots the ones that come back to life. Despite constantly dying, the group don’t give up because they know the consequences of losing, but no matter how hard they try, they can’t get the gun wielding couple to back down resulting in their defeat. The group gets turned into a group of dogs, the Shiba Inu breed in particular, and the couple gets turned back into their normal bodies. The victims who were killed and turned into living corpses are brought back to life and put into the elevator. A cloud of smoke appears and the devil walks out of it with his red suit, claps his hands and says,
“Congratulations you two, you are free to leave this dimension and go back to your normal life! Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a new bunch of wittle puppy dogs to play with!”
A collar appears around the dogs’ neck and the devil pulls their leashes back into the smoke with him.
“Come on my precious puppies, we’re going to have so much fun!”
They disappear along with the cloud of smoke and the couple walks into the elevator. While inside, Bruce apologizes for what he did, but the people wave the apology away and say that,
“It’s not your fault for what those assholes made you do and you shouldn’t worry about it and you should instead focus on your new life that’s ahead of you. Also…try not to accidentally walk into secret dimensions.”
Bruce and Caitlin laugh and thank them for forgiving them. The couple part ways with the others and go back to their normal lives, but with more appreciation for it. As for the secret dimension however, there will always be someone or some people that will unknowingly stumble upon it and find the devil there with an offer to give them and whether they accept it or not is up to them.

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